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Kathy Greenberg(non-registered)
Carol took the most amazing portrait shot of my teenage daughter. It reveals so much of her personality--not just her physical features. I own two other Carol Sheppard photographic prints and have studied her body of work. Her nature photographs capture delicate, fleeting moments in a way that is intimate without being intrusive. She's a real talent who seems to get better with every frame. The Pacific Northwest is richer for her artistry.
Kurt Pearson(non-registered)
Your new website is evolving nicely. I wanted to personally thank you for the time you spent sharing your vast photographic knowledge.

You are what we all look for in a mentor; a hard working teacher whose dedication to their craft inspires us to greater heights, so that we may too share that newly gained knowledge with others.

Thank you again for the wonderful lessons, and the quality time.
Carol Sheppard Photography
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